About us

Do you like walking? Do you have a smartphone? Can you get to a railway station? Would you like to help create something big, something new: a national network of walks from and between railway stations? 

Like most people, we used to think that you have to drive to reach interesting, beautiful remote places.  Then we discovered how much of the country is walkable by public transport, particularly by rail.  These are some of the walks done by Steve Melia, aka the Green Travel Writer, between railway stations around Bristol, where he lives.  The purple and blue lines are day walks.  The orange ones involved an overnight stay.

Railwalks.co.uk was formed when Steve met Daniel Raven-Ellison the founder of Slow Ways and Andy Stevenson, creator of Point2 Guides and whose research area is walking guide materials development at the University of Worcester.  

Slow Ways launched in 2021 with a similar aim: to create a national network of walks between towns and cities.  You can see how far they have got on this progress map.   See our agreement with Slow Ways.  For many of those towns and cities the walks start from the railway station, so much of the country is already covered - as you can see on this map.  Our aim is to add to that network and that's where we need your help.

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