Memorandum of Understanding 

Between Slow Ways and

The Parties

This Memorandum of Understanding sets out the basis for cooperation between Slow Ways CIC and the steering group of  At present, the steering group is an informal group of four individuals: Steve Melia, Andy Stevenson, Kieran Seale and Miriam Ricci.  This group may grow, and may be constituted as a formal organisation at a later date.  This should not affect the principles in this MoU.

Purpose has been set up to create a national network of walks between and from railway stations.  This overlaps with the purpose of Slow Ways, to create a national network of walking routes that connect all of Britain’s towns, cities, villages and other points of interest. Including stations is already in Slow Ways plans, and so this feels like a natural and potentially symbiotic relationship. Some of Slow Ways’ settlements are centred on railway stations so the main aims of are to add to that network with the ambition of developing Railwalks specific offering on the Slow Ways platform to enable and encourage a wide and diverse range of the general public to make use of those walks. will:

Slow Ways will: